Big Data and Text Analytics Solutions

Data Insights

We have statistics on millions of the most recent articles from hunderds of information sources - most mentioned entities and locations, top phrases by category / source, most widely used words, most common negative/positive words and phrases, etc.


We are really good at solving hard technical problems - that's what we love doing every day.

For our in-house projects we use Java and .NET for the backend, and Javascript / HTML / CSS for the front-end.

We offer extensive consulting services covering the following areas and technologies:

  • Natural language processing and linguistics
  • Software scalability, fault tolerance and redundancy
  • Guidance on how to implement search features in your products
  • Finding performance bottlenecks in your products and offering advice
  • RDBMS design and deployment
  • Testing automation
  • Load and stress testing
  • Parser design
  • Compiler design and implementation
  • Algorithms and data structures

Custom Software Development

We offer custom software development based on requirements from you, the customer. We can work on complete projects, from start to release, and we are especially good at quickly implementing proof of concepts and high-risk features using cutting-edge technologies. We would be happy to work together and cooperate with any other contractors you may have hired for your projects. We prefer using agile methodologies, even though we can adapt to your style. Our end goal is to deliver quality software on time and make the users of the software happy.

Component Licensing & Support

All of Stratoray's components are offered under a flexible, royalty-free license, which allows you to reference the components and use them in your products. You don't have to license everything, but only the software components that you really need in your organization. Technical support and bug fixing is included in the license. We always try to customize the licencing terms and price so that it makes most sense for your projects. Please contact us for a quote.