Beam - delivering news that matter to you

How it works

Full control - Push notifications

Beam changes the way you consume news - instead of searching for past events and stories, you subscribe to Beams (search topics) , and you receive real time push notifications whenever there is something about your topic.

Beam works on all iOS devices, and you can receive native push notifications on your Apple Watch, too. You can configure the number of notifications you receive, both in total, as well as for every individual beam.

Hand selected sources

We have created a hand picked collection of hundreds of sources of information in order to serve the highest quality information to you - top magazines, Twitter accounts and hashtags, journals, blogs and web sites.

Beam works in multiple languages, too.

If you login with Facebook, we automatically generate topics for you based on your interests. We also place a couple of articles in your feed, so that you can see examples of the topics we have subscribed you for.

Location-aware search

You can make a topic location-aware, and be notified of news about the topic that happen near you only.

You can configure the search radius, too.

In this way, even if you create a very general beam, you will sill see the most relevant results that matter to you.

Highly visual feed

Beam visualizes and aggregates all your results from different sources in a high-definition, beautiful feed.

You can apply different filters to the feed, too.

If an article matches more than one topics, we merge that into a single item in your feed, and don't show you duplicate information.

You can see the beams that match for a specific article, as well as share it with friends, or add it to your favorite articles to read later.

You can also see what's trending - the contents of the trending view is the same for everyone, and it is ultimately built by you - if a lot of users read and favorite a story, it gets higher in the Trending list.

Store your favorites (permanently)

You can save your favorite stories, read them later and share them with friends anytime you want. Your feed, favorite articles and your settings are accessible 24/7 from all your devices).

Prospective search

Imagine a search engine in which you can proactively search for content about things that haven't happened yet. Beam doesn't flood you with every single piece of news that matches your topics - Beam's backend utilizes state of the art algorithms and artificial intelligence in order to sense what might be a right match for you - even if you use very general words for your topics.

Beams can be complex search queries too... - you can combine words with AND , OR, NEAR, and NOT, use brackets to give priority, specify quotes to match exact phrases, and so on.

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